Cubby House Inspiration

So it’s 2015, four weeks after I’ve just had our second baby and… I’m itching for a new project. Sure, said children should be project enough. However toddlers go to Preschool and newborns sleep a lot. So while all conditions are … Continue reading

The Spring Racing Edible Garden

As Australia gets dressed up to enjoy an afternoon of drinks and punting, we’ve decided to put together something a little fancy. A tribute to the festivities of the day and the marvellous weather of the season – we’ve served up … Continue reading

Page Turner: Beloved Homes

Love a sticky beak into other people’s homes? Don’t worry, that doesn’t make you a creep, just… creatively curious. You can put your trench coat and binoculars away, because this book takes you into nine inspiring Swedish spaces with lots of … Continue reading

Page Turner: Home – 25 amazing projects for your home by Beci Orpin

You may not know this about me *grin*, but I love-love-love crafts! Yes, it’s very true. When friends visit my home, they are always surprised by how many DIY and crafting books I have in my overflowing collection. The surprise … Continue reading

Enchanted by a romantic stroll

Happy Valentines Day H&Ders! Looking for a loved up location a little closer than Paris? Don’t get me wrong, Paris is ALWAYS a good idea…. However, we recently had the most enchantingly romantic evening stroll through The Grounds of Alexandria. … Continue reading

Page Turner: Things I love by Megan Morton

It’s time for another review from the H&D book club after a sad hiatus of… well, not enough reading. I spent last Sunday having a lazy stroll through the many bookshops of Newtown. Some inspiration was needed for all the … Continue reading

Five Happy Herb Ideas

Fresh picked herbs add a new dimension to any feast, pesto, garnish… but I won’t lie, one of my favourite parts of growing my own herbs is creating cute little posies to give away to friends. Yes, I do understand … Continue reading

A splash of Summer at Eden Gardens

There are only a hand full of places that I’ve come across that manage to cater for both indoor and outdoor decorating as enthusiastically as Eden Gardens – they are a nursery, a homeware and gift store, cafe, parklands, playground … Continue reading

Endless Summer at Mrs Sippy Double Bay

We are kicking off a series that pay homage to the season that gets us all out and about, entertaining outdoors, sipping on cocktails, indulging in colour and basking in the sunshine – H&D’s Endless Summer Series – and we … Continue reading

‘Tis the season to be Jolly

It’s the festive season! And like most household gets right into the spirit of it all. These are some of our favourite things. Ornaments are the best at any given time of the year. However when it comes to Christmas … Continue reading