Drinks Tray; Father’s Day Gift Idea!

Dads can be notoriously hard to buy for – men in general actually. Most of us are often at a loss as to what to buy for the men in our lives. After exhausting the obvious options like tools, sporting memorabilia, … Continue reading

Stay Organised with a DIY Craft Wall

We’re running out of room! Our craft bits and pieces have been slowly creeping into every room of our house. We’re talking felt pieces in the fruit basket, rolls of ribbon in the cutlery draw, stacks of home wares magazines … Continue reading

A Simple IKEA Stool Refurb

We are constantly singing the praises of IKEA for not only the affordability of their furniture but the ease of which you can completely customise so many of their items to make them your own. This little project is a … Continue reading

From Old Find to Bedside

Now we know what you’re thinking; collecting other peoples rejects doesn’t quite feel right. But trust us, it really puts the notion of ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ into practice. And when you get past the icky feeling … Continue reading

DIY Knitted Candle Cosies

Candles flickering, an oversized knitted jumper and rugging up on the sofa with a good book… there is nothing more serene than being cosy and snug for some down time. But have you ever thought of combining your candles and … Continue reading

H&D Home with Heart; Mosman

Our first Home with Heart – a dwelling that encompasses so much of what Hillary & Dijon is about – had to be that of our good friend Jack Colwell. Situated in the North Sydney suburb of Mosman, one step … Continue reading